Discover how to launch a podcast that positions you powerfully, for maximum credibility, global impact and to magnetize quality clients

With Anna Parker-Naples

Podcasts are the single BEST way to explode your impact and carve out your niche and this value-packed programme will show you the exact steps to launching yours!

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You’ve got a brilliant business, and you want to make a difference.

You want to excel as an expert in your field.

But in order to do that, you know you need to raise your profile, build your credibility and get much more visible….

…to create a bigger impact on the lives of the people you serve, you have to be seen, heard and known as an authority in your industry.

But it feels like you’re already doing ALL the things, right?

You’re tired of creating content that loses impact in 24 hours churning out continuously on social media, blogs and video.
You’re trying to stand out and position yourself as an expert but constantly competing with a saturated market, full of other business owners trying to do the same.
You’re fighting to keep your audience's attention, as they consume a tiny percentage of the video and the social media content you’re working so hard to produce.
You know what your audience needs to know, understand their challenges deeply and are certain you can support them, but struggle to keep them engaged.
You’re trying to get your message in front of the right people, but without the right network and connections, you’re getting lost in the crowd.

You’ve heard people talking about how effectively podcasts can amplify your message, build your audience and grow your visibility but you’d have no idea where to start…


…what equipment would you need?


…how would you get people to listen?


…what if you can’t think of anything to say?


…what if you launch a show and it’s a flop?

Then again...


What if you could put your stamp all over what you do, and become a key person of influence in your industry?
What if it was you at the top of the charts alongside entrepreneurial giants like Tony Robbins, Gary Vee and Marie Forleo?
What if you could be invited to speak at industry events and guest on high profile podcasts?
What if you could open doors like you never have before, and build a super-engaged audience who know, like and trust you?
What if you could charge way more and legitimise yourself as an expert in the coolest way possible?

The rumours are true: Podcasting is the answer!


 And the good news? I can help you fast-track your success, and show you how to:

Prepare, record, edit and promote your podcast so you can…

Turn lurkers into raving fans.
Transform your business, your life and the lives of others.
Position yourself as the go-to authority in your field
Have high profile guests clamouring to be featured.
Amplify your visibility and credibility with a professional podcast.

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Just £97 (+VAT)

Plus, you’ll get these amazing bonuses when you enrol today!

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board so you can have some accountability and support, with day by day guidance on actions to take 

Value £297

An Episode Release Social Media Checklist so you can ensure maximum exposure and visibility for each episode 

Value £97

Hello, I'm Anna


I’m a multi-award winning audio expert, top 1% global podcast host and the first British woman to write a book about podcasting. To put it simply, I know A LOT about this industry!
Anything is possible when you get visible.
After being diagnosed with an extremely rare complication during my third pregnancy, I hit rock bottom and was told I may never walk again. As an actor, that was devastating!

I put my mind to learning
everything I could about the kind of work I could do from home, even whilst wheelchair-bound: Audio.

I wanted to find a way to positively maintain my career and still use my voice and talents in a way that felt fun and meaningful and set about honing my craft as a voiceover actor and expert in all things audio.

During that time, I also saw the impact that audio could have on people’s lives: Getting to know people through the stories they shared, and building connections from the comfort of my own bed as I recovered.

I set the intention
that I would become the best of the best in the audio world, and within a few years, I found myself on the red carpets in Hollywood - thankfully, able to walk them proudly!

I realised there was
both strategy & mindset behind my achievements.

I set about starting my own podcast
. I knew the audio quality was great because that was my speciality, but for some reason, the podcast just wasn’t growing or bringing me nearly as many clients as I’d hoped. I didn’t understand why…
I tried everything…
I failed fast…
I learnt what works and what doesn’t in the online space…
…and eventually, I mastered a strategy that would allow me to create a powerful medium to bring clients into my world!

And THAT is exactly what I share inside:

Inside this course, I share everything you need to know to plan, record, edit, prepare and launch your Podcast…

…all based on my own experience, so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

I'll make no secret of this - podcasting is the most powerful tool for gaining loyal customers and raving fans.

In my Podcast Kickstart Course, I’ll teach you the exact process I use to help my clients produce and launch top-ranking podcasts, so you can elevate your status, maximise your network and position yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

It’s time to elevate your status, sign up for Podcast Kickstart NOW! 

Just £97 (+VAT)

Including two incredible bonuses

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board
Value £297
An Episode Release Social Media Checklist
Value £97

What You Will Learn

Create Impact

Plan your podcast:

From finding your perfect listener to making sure they can find you, so you can position yourself as an expert in your niche.

  • Why A Podcast Will Change Your Business
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Podcasting…from Personal Experience
  • How To Plan Your Podcast for Maximum Impact
  • Compelling The Perfect Listener To Tune In
  • How to Research Competitor Podcasts
  • How to Use Your Podcast For Strong SEO & Influence in Google
  • Naming Your Podcast Effectively for Searchability
  • Designing Artwork To Apple Podcast Specifications
Realise your worth

Record your podcast:

From technology to technique; all you need to know to produce high-quality audio, so you can ensure your listeners stay loyal.

  • How To Script Intros & Outros for Business Effectiveness
  • How to Choose The Right Music for Your Podcast
  • What to Include In Your Trailer Episode
  • The Right Recording Equipment & Microphone for You
  • How to Improve Your Recording Technique for Better Audio
  • The Best Frameword For Recording Solo Episodes
  • How to Structure & Record Excellent Interviews

Edit your podcast:

All the tricks of the trade for fine-tuning your show, so you never have to worry about it not looking (and sounding!) professional.

  • Which Software To Use to Edit, Mix & Master Your Podcast
  • How to Edit Your Podcast Properly
  • Why You Need To Tag Your Audio
  • Where to Host Your Show and How to Upload It
  • How to Validate Your Podcast RSS Feed

Launch your podcast:

take full advantage of this unique window of opportunity and launch your podcast the right way, so you can capitalise on the visibility and grow your brand.

  • How to Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts
  • How to Get your show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher & more
  • How to Feature Your Podcast On Your Website for SEO
  • The Best Way to Create Shownotes
  • The Essential Components to Plan Your Podcast Launch
  • How to Track Chart Positions During Launch
Anna Parker-Naples

Don’t remain unknown.

You can’t…


… make more money


… get more clients


… you can’t get industry referrals and recommendations…


… if nobody knows about you!


Did you know…

30% of the world population are auditory learners
When they want to educate themselves, 68% of people choose a podcast
As a podcast host, you have more influence than any other medium right now
There’s a unique window of opportunity to make waves in the podcast industry, but the industry will be flooded if you don’t take action now.
Right now, the Podcast industry is still in its infancy - with experts such as Google & Spotify anticipating that the industry will double in the next 18 months!
So, if you’re mistakenly assuming (as many do) that the marketplace is already saturated, you couldn’t be more wrong… 

NOW is the time to capitalise on this opportunity and become a trailblazer in your industry!
Don’t miss your chance to skyrocket your credibility, sign up for Podcast Kickstarter NOW!
Just £97 +VAT

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Just £97 (+ VAT)
Build your business with confidence

Plus, you’ll get these amazing bonuses when you enrol today!

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board so you can have some accountability and support, with day by day guidance on actions to take 

Value £297

An Episode Release Social Media Checklist so you can ensure maximum exposure and visibility for each episode 

Value £97

Not sure what you’ll talk about?

The truth is, no one knows your audience like
you do.
You’re already an expert. You already understand their challenges on a deep level.
You already know what they need to hear, and how to add value to their lives: 
You do it every day!
Podcasting is a unique opportunity to amplify that impact, and invite guests to contribute to that conversation who will offer insights, perspectives and advice your audience need to hear.
You’re ready to create the impact you desire. 
It’s time to stop playing small, and have your voice heard!

“Anna has made this process such an enjoyable experience for me, so easy to follow and loads of actionable steps along the way. It’s taken my podcast process from overwhelm crazy to, 'Yes I can do this!' Thank you for all this incredible work Anna!”

- Naomie Ella, Maternal Wellness Expert

“The trainings are very easy to navigate and inspiring on multiple levels. If you have been wanting to start your podcast, or if you have a show already and you’re ready to have it make a real impact, then you need [Anna] in your corner!”

Lilli Badcock, Confidence Coach

“Launching a podcast felt like a daunting task.  I knew about certain aspects but I didn’t really know where to begin - and I wanted to get it right. Anna Parker-Naples’ Podcasting course had everything I was looking for.”

Samantha Boffin, British Voice Artist

“I’ve been meaning to launch a podcast for so long but what stopped me was knowing HOW to do it!! Having Anna’s guidance has been invaluable and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made the progress I have made to get my voice heard on a larger scale! Thanks to Anna I have an international no. 1 podcast.”

- JoJo Graham, Business Coach and Mentor

Get the kickstart your credibility needs

NOW! Just £97 (+VAT)

Including two incredible bonuses

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board
Value £297
An Episode Release Social Media Checklist
Value £97
Anna Parker-Naples

Need a little more convincing?


What if I told you that compared to the millions of video channels available on YouTube, and the millions of social media accounts competing for your audience's attention on Instagram and Facebook; there are still only around 2 million live podcasts in circulation? 
And only around 8000 of those produce new content on a weekly basis!
Moreover, around 20M people in the UK alone listen to podcasts each week - meaning there is a huge audience out there looking for amazing material. 

1 in 3 people in the UK are listening to podcasts, so there’s no denying the importance or relevance of this channel.

…Add to that the fact that over 80% of podcast listeners consumer
ALL or MOST (80%) of the podcasts they listen to, and you start to realise what a loyal and engaged audience podcasts attract!
Compared to other platforms, audio and podcasts build strong like, know and trust, because your audience is invited to get to know you on a deeper level; hear in-depth and nuanced conversations on topics that interest them. 

The more value you provide and insights you share, the more closely connected your audience feel, and the more likely they are to refer, recommend and HIRE you to solve their problems!


Just £97 (+VAT)

Including two incredible bonuses

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board
Value £297
An Episode Release Social Media Checklist
Value £97

What will having a podcast mean for you?


Simply put, a podcast is the best way to play amongst the giants of the online business space, even if you only have a small audience right now.
People watching from the fringes, who’ve not engaged with your brand much before will suddenly want to be involved in your mission, message and movement!
You’ll build relationships with your audience, put a clear stamp on your area of expertise, and generate more opportunities directly linked to your audience and the way you want to serve!
You can charge more, become a more credible resource and get more visible in a way no other medium can offer.
Inside the Podcast Kickstart, you’ll find everything you need to plan, prepare, record, edit, host and promote your show, plus how to launch it as a Day 1 success!
Inside, you’ll find all the industry secrets that even many experienced podcasters don’t know, as I’ll guide you step-by-step towards the kind of influence and impact only a podcast can give you!
It’s time to raise your voice, connect with your audience and catapult your credibility.

More Impact. More Influence. More Visibility!


Join Podcast Kickstart Now! 

Just £97 (+VAT)

Including two incredible bonuses

A Launch Your Podcast in 8 Weeks Trello Board
Value £297
An Episode Release Social Media Checklist
Value £97