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You started your podcast raring to go and full of enthusiasm.

Determined to build your brand and your business with your show.

And now that it's established, you've lost your initial mojo,

because you aren't quite getting the results you hoped.

You want:


  • More Downloads

  • More Fans

  • More Sales

The Podcast Growth Accelerator is going to show you just how to do that!

You're an expert in your field and want to share your message even further
You want to BE SOMEONE - a bestselling author, a motivational speaker, a changemaker
You know your content is valuable, it just isn't reaching enough ears
You launched your podcast and your initial enthusiasm has drained
You want more impact on the world.
You aren't seeing enough conversions to paying clients
You're ready to double your downloads!
You're not sure if you are promoting your show in the best way possible.

Join Podcast Growth Accelerator

 6 Week Program

to Take your Message to the Masses

Experience Enhancer

Learn how to dramatically improve the overall listener experience of your show to encourage more lurkers to stay...and become loyal, raving fans who trust you enough to buy.

Clarity Content

Being ultra clear in your intentions for your listener gives your show more direction. Learn how to craft content that spreads like wildfire via word of mouth.

Podcast Promo 101

Give your podcast marketing and promotions an overhaul using insights into what is working  to entice new people to listen in. It's time to create a BUZZ about your podcast.

Funnel Your Fans

Understanding how to nurture your listeners into your world away from your podcast is a game changer for your business AND the success of your show. Get to grips with how to do just that to enable massive growth.

Guesting Growth

Using strategic connections to grow your listenership (and increase your revenue) works best when you understand how to enhance the process for maximum exposure of your own show. 

Pay to Promote

Beyond strengthening the organic promotion of your podcast, learn the options for growth acceleration through a variety of new paid opportunities, that can elicit fast increase in subscribers.

Your Podcast Strategist

Anna Parker-Naples

I'm author of 2 x no. 1 Global Bestsellers 'Podcast with Impact' & 'Get Visible', host of Top 1% Global podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible & Podcasting for Entrepreneurs, international award winning coach, SME Business Woman of the Year, and finalist for National Entrepreneur of the Year
I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and podcasters to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Remembered, so they can create more impact, influence and income. 
As CEO of The Podcast Agency & creator of The Podcast Membership, I have helped hundreds of podcasters start, grow and scale their shows to chart-topping success.
My strategy and consultancy work on listener nurturing has enabled 6 & 7 figure podcasting entrepreneurs to have massive growth - in listeners and revenue.
I know you want more Impact.
I want to help people to access the success they dream of, to have the influence to change lives that they dream of. For me it's how I can have a ripple effect in the world.
If you're a coach, podcaster or purpose-driven entrepreneur, my guess is that you feel the same way.
It can be frustrating not knowing how to grow your influence, not knowing how to increase your income. It's time for you to learn how to double your podcast downloads!
I know, because I've been there....

I know EXACTLY where you are.

The first podcast I hosted was supposed to help build my business.

The truth was though, I didn't know how to engage listeners, how to convert listeners to paying clients, and crucially HOW I should be promoting my podcast so that I could reach more people.

Over the past 4 years, my own podcast has gone from strength to strength, and is the key reason that I make sales and doors of opportunity open up to me.

The key thing after you launch a podcast is knowing how to GROW with purpose and intention.

And that's the inside industry knowledge I'm going to be sharing with you inside

The Podcast Growth Accelerator

Sound Good?

6 x Weekly Teach Sessions via Online Portal

Exclusive Facebook Group for connection and potential collaboration

Access to learning portal and Q & A replay via desktop or app

12 months of live online 'office hour' Q & A sessions with Anna and her team to support the growth of your podcast and business.

Feedback from one of the UK's leading podcast experts for entrepreneurs and multi award winning entrepreneur. This is the ONLY way to get feedback on how to grow your show without premium consultancy.

One-off Upfront Payment



3 x Monthly Payment

3 x £347

Jo Swann

The Podcast Membership

You'll gain access to The Podcast Membership, birthplace of almost 300 podcasts! Inside you'll find trainings on how to start and monetise your podcast AND comprehensive trainings on how to become a great podcast guest. 

As a bonus for taking part in the Podcast Growth Accelerator, you'll gain access to the membership for 60 days to absorb all of the in-depth content. 

Value £154

Confidence to Get Visible


Building a personal brand and showing up day after day takes guts, courage and bravery.

This 4 Week online course is packed with mindset tools and techniques to help you kickstart your confidence and stand in your power as a deserving expert at what you do.

Included are 4 powerful hypnosis audios specially crafted by Anna (Master NLP Pracitioner & Master of Hypnosis) to give you the edge over your imposter syndrome, whatever stage of your online business you are at.


VALUE £497

Lisa Johnson

Anna is very knowledgeable with all of the processes around podcasting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommmend Anna to work with. If you want a great podcast, work with Anna.

Niyc Pidgeon

A HUGE thank you to Anna for being such a pro. After witnessing her brilliance, I knew I had to work with her to get this show going and keeping it growing. Highly recommended.

Hamish Knox

Anna has a lot of great insights and really helped me clarify my thinking. A massively recommend working with Anna to develop a podcast that supports your business.

You know that you can explode your personal brand with your own podcast, and you're ready.

You just don't know HOW. 

You started your podcast and felt really motivated, but the truth is, it is beginnning to frustrate you.

It feels as though you are doing all the right things, and yet the growth isn't happening.

Podcast Growth Accelerator will show you EXACTLY what it takes to use your podcast as a powerful front end to your online business, and ensure you know the changes and tweaks to make to reach more people.

This course takes you beyond the marketing and promotion to understand how to reach more of the people you want to work with...and use your show to nurture them to come back again and again.

Let's get you (and your listeners) excited about the buzz around your show.

Podcasting (done properly) is the most influential platform right now.

 If you don't learn what to do to make your show thrive, you'll be wasting a massive opportunity to gain audio influence.

Make sure you know how to make the most of your podcast.

Sign up for the Podcast Growth Accelerator NOW!

I'm looking for the perfect podcasting entrepreneurs to join me for 6 weeks to get focused on creating a buzz around their shows!

When you understand exactly how to market and promote your show, as well as nurture and convert your listeners from lurkers to full paying clients, you'll be excited to make your podcast front and centre in your business.

I want to help you shout from the rooftops about what you do, and build a loyal tribe who are inspired by your message.

I want to help you develop a profitable business that has wide reaching IMPACT with your podcast as the starting point.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to stand out and be heard above the rest?