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This is YOU...

You know you have purposeful work to do and want to make a difference.
You want to BE SOMEONE - a bestselling author, a motivational speaker, a changemaker.
You can feel in your bones that you are here to transform lives.
Your vision excites you and you're using the online space to build a thriving business.
You want more impact on the world.
You're ambitious and ready to rise as a powerful, inspirational leader.
No matter how hard you try, you just aren't reaching enough people.
You're spending way too much time aimlessly on social media.
You're trying to get your business off the ground and just aren't quite making enough money.
You're ready to get those 5k + months and more!


The 12 Week Program

to take your message to the masses

Your Mentor

Anna Parker-Naples

I'm an author of 2 x no. 1 GLOBAL BESTSELLERS, host of Top 1% Global podcast, international award winning coach, SME Business Woman of the Year, and finalist for National Entrepreneur of the Year. 


I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and podcasters to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Remembered, so they can create more impact, influence and income. 


I know you want more Impact.


I want to help people to access the success they dream of, to have the influence to change lives that they dream of. For me it's how I can have a ripple effect in the world.


If you're a coach, podcaster or purpose-driven entrepreneur, my guess is that you feel the same way.
It can be frustrating not knowing how to grow your influence, not knowing how to increase your income.
I know, because I've been there....

I know EXACTLY where you are.

Four years ago, I was hit by a sense of mission, of purpose.

Like a bolt out of the blue.

It was my calling to help others, that's why I'd been through so much.

I was excited, driven, READY.

It felt so RIGHT, how could my new grand plans to enter the motivational space go wrong?

And yet they did.

No matter what I did,  how often I was on social media, my business was like....crickets.

I'll admit to you now what I couldn't say out loud at the time.

My business began to feel painful.

I began to feel embarrassed that I wasn't having a huge ripple effect.

That essentially I was skint, trying to tell others how to transform their lives, fulfil their potential.

It felt like a massive disconnect.

Am I a fraud?

I wholeheartedly believe I am meant to do this, so why is it so HARD?

I'd kind of expected the Universe to be on my side, to make it easy.

After all, my intentions were pure and honourable and full of love.

And then the penny dropped.

There was clearly a way to work the system that I hadn't quite figured out.

I invested in my first business coach.

In truth, I felt a bit ashamed that I had to have someone's guidance - why couldn't I work this out myself? 

I'm intelligent and capable.

But the truth is, I knew I couldn't stay where I was.

Spending yet another year working myself into the ground and getting nowhere...

except more demoralised.

I was tired of being on the sidelines watching others:

- Achieve Mammoth Launches.

- Incredible Audience Growth. 

- Hit Massive Income Goals. 

- Win Awards and Launch Bestsellers.

Deep down, I knew they were no better than me.

They just had more of a clue than me how to work this online space.

I invested even though I felt scared, even though it was a stretch.

Listen to me.

Hear this message - loud and clear.

You are incredible at what you do.

You just aren't reaching enough people. Yet.

You need to Amplify Your Message

You aren't converting enough people into your programs. Yet.

You don't have enough clients to really fly. Yet.

You want to write a book...but who will read it? Yet.

And if you're honest, you don't quite have the right people around you, and you don't have enough connections.

But deep inside...

You're Ready to Rise.

It's time to become the powerful global leader you know you're meant to be.

It's time to step up.

I'll be frank with you and say that I could never have achieved all I have on my own.

I now sit here with a multi-six figure business, as an author of 2 x Global Bestsellers, having won multiple awards for my work, and host of a leading podcast.

It happened because I invested, over and over.

I learnt from some of the best in the world.

It started with that decision to work with my first coach...just two years ago.

Let's get YOU creating 


Because, believe me, it's life-changing.

And then follows the Income shifts...

when you understand how to navigate the online world to influence your people.

And if I can, I KNOW you can too. 

It's time to


Amplify Your Impact offers a full and comprehensive visibility system for anyone in business at any level, to become established and known as an expert in their field. Anna has left no stone unturned in sharing all her expertise in how to raise your profile, and has delivered more than any other program I’ve undertaken, with resources and examples of “how to”, as well as the group trainings. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable program to be part of and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is either starting out, or established in business and needs to raise their profile. 


In this program you will learn the

10 Pillars to Purposeful Profit...


You know you're here to do something big. Tapping in to why it matters is the key to building a strong business foundation. You'll get clear on the message you most want to share and WHY it is vital for you to fulfil this purpose. You'll learn how to play out your Superpowers.


Knowing who you want to reach and what they most need to hear is a game changer for your mission.  You'll get clear on exactly what to say to create a powerful, memorable attraction to you and your work, and how to reach them effectively.


Being able to concisely and clearly articulate who you work with and what result you achieve for them is a vital piece of the online business puzzle. You'll learn how to consolidate your grand vision into an easy to grasp & convey message that positions you powerfully.


Crafting yourself as a credible inspirational and motivational figure is a cornerstone element of building a profile as a public figure.  You'll learn how to ensure you use social media to your advantage. Every post you put out on social media matters - we'll show you how to nail your content so it speaks volumes.


In this world of online content, you'll learn exactly what to produce to position you powerfully. From branding and images to professional bios and podcasting one-sheets.  You'll uncover exactly what you need to raise your profile, gain PR, and winning awards and use podcasts to supercharge your business.


Creating content that lasts for more than a few fleeting hours on social media makes a significant difference to your business success. You'll learn how to produce long-from content that best represents your mission and your business - from videos to podcasts, to blogs - the assets that give you credibility long after you first create them.


No matter how big your sense of purpose, if you don't know how to persuade someone to buy from you, you can't change their life. You'll learn how to influence your audience to follow, engage and then be eager, ready and desperate to pay to work with you. From lead magnets, to list building, to audience'll discover what it really takes to convert your audience into paying clients.


Let's talk about the money. Without knowing how to price properly, and how to create a stand out signature programme that represents your work well, it's going to be challenging to build a profitable online business.  You'll learn how to create your 121 package, group programme or online course without the fuss. And you'll learn what it takes to launch it with effective results. 


You have a book in you. Maybe more than one. You'll learn how to get the idea out of your head and onto the page. You'll learn how to write a book proposal that shapes your story and expertise, how to map out the sections of your book, and how to get it self-published on Amazon & as an audiobook on Audible.  You'll learn what it takes to attain the title of 'Bestselling Author' by launching with impact.


You're meant for big stages - you're meant to captivate an audience. So how can you craft a powerful talk that compels people to want to work more closely with you? You'll learn how to you structure your talk, and focus on how to create more speaker opportunities where you can share your expertise both on stages and online. It's time to amplify your impact.

Look Good?

Weekly live teach sessions via Zoom.

Access to Anna - a multi award-winning Business & Mindset Coach.

Exclusive Facebook Group for connection with the RIGHT kind of people.

Printable Workbooks & PDF resources.

Templates for launching - email sequences, challenge and masterclass outlines & book proposals.

The Amplify Your Impact course was incredible! Anna went above and beyond what I thought would be included and her support is second to none! I cannot recommend it highly enough it makes you think and realise things you hadn't before and pushes you out of your comfort zone but in an incredibly positive way!


One-off Upfront Payment

£1,497 (inc VAT)


Payment Plan

3 x £549 per month (inc VAT)


Payment Plan

6 x £285 per month (inc VAT)

Jo Swann

Stand Out PR

BONUS Masterclass VALUE: £397

Jo Swann - Founder of Chocolate PR

In this BONUS Masterclass, Jo will take you through everything you need to know to create yourself as PR-ready.

You'll learn what it takes to prepare, pitch and leverage opportunities in the media to give you those all important authority badges in the press.

Jo has helped me appear in iNews, Metro, Happiful, Psychologies, BBC Radio, Yahoo!, Daily Express and Medium over the past few name a few. 

Writing a Bestseller

Bonus Masterclass VALUE: £397

Abigail Horne - CEO of Authors & Co.

Let's be honest, you don't just want to write a book, you want to write a bestseller. Abigail has established hereself and her company as the go-to authoriy on publishing a book that builds your brand.

In this bonus masterclass, Abigial will share the why, what and how of writeing a publishing a book that brings in paying clients, and lands your book in the charts on Amazon.

You'll get full access to Abigail's experience and knowledge from  catpulting hundreds of books by experts and coaches in the online space to the top of the charts in Amazon and Waterstones, including Anna's own two books, Get Visible and Podcast with Impact.


Jo Swann

Instagram Coach & Strategist

Bonus Masterclass   VALUE: £397

Maggie Colette - CEO of Think Like A Boss

In this ADDITIONAL BONUS Masterclass, Maggie will help you cultivate and grow your audience to sky rocket your sales through Instagram®.

Maggie's passion lies in helping women build the career & business of their dreams whilst instilling the belief that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Maggie is an Instagram Coach & Strategist to 7-Figure Entrepreneurs! She's here to help you Start, Grow & Scale Your Biz on IG.

12 x Powerful Hypnosis Tracks

Bonus Material   VALUE: £360

Kickstart your confidence & ignite your subconscious self-belief

In this ADDITIONAL BONUS Material, you will gain access to Anna's highly praised Hypnosis tracks, which you can listen to on your phone or desktop.

Anna is a Master of Hypnosis and Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming. These tracks have been written to accompany every stage of this program, to aide you in overcoming your fears around visibility and speaking up. Recorded to broadcast quality (Anna's background is as a multi award winning Hollywood Voiceover Artist) these audios will transform your life...and your business.

Jo Swann
Jo Swann

12 x Visualisation Tracks

Bonus Material   VALUE: £360

Visualise Your Success

In this FINAL BONUS, you will unlock access to 12 specially crafted short, intensive audios to enable you to visualise and then create, your successful future.

The subconscious reacts to what we present it with - the deeper you connect with your vision for yourself and your life, the more programmed your mind becomes to finding the opportunities to create it in reality.  Want to reach thousands, if not millions of people? Want to win awards and write a bestseller? See it in your minds eye first.  These audios help you delve into a successful version of you.

Find out what others have to say about Amplify Your Impact and working with Anna

It can be hard to make a decision about whether to go for it and sign up for a course, so I asked previous clients to share what it was like to work with me...


"Anna gives you absolutely everything that she has learned, and really guide you through each of the processes in so much detail which is amazing. I've learned so much about how to talk to your clients, how to find your clients, how to create the email sequences you need to launch. It has been an amazing course. And what is great about it is the fact that you can keep everything for life. And so I've got this most fantastic library now of trainings and workbooks that I can work through at my own pace to really help me and support me as I progress in my business. So if you're thinking about doing it, particularly if you are towards the early stages of your business, then this is an amazing program and I would highly recommend it."



"It was the best decision that I have made and the best money that I've spent, you get so much value and so much knowledge and always so generous in what she shares with you. And she explains it very, very clearly. And there's always that continual support throughout the program as well.

Fully recommend this course You'll not regret one penny that you spend."



"Anna was really generous with her time and her knowledge. I've come away with books full of notes. She's been really generous with giving us templates and tips to help us move our businesses forward. And there are things that I've been able to implement right away and things that I know will be useful down the line.  Thank you very much, Anna. It's been a fascinating course."



"Anna is very easy to work with and her methods can yield extraordinary changes that are as unexpected as they are revelatory....working with Anna is a huge help. I’ve quadrupled my income in under six months."   



"Each time I work with Anna I grow both personally and in my business. Enrolling and engaging in her most recent programme ‘Amplify your Impact’ supported this growth once more. The weekly teach sessions each contained huge golden nuggets, fresh ideas and content, that even someone like me, who has engaged in many courses before, learned from the high level learning Anna has engaged in and delivered as additional ways to amplify the impact of myself, the work I do and my business. The accompanying high quality workbooks, hypnotherapy and visualisation tracks all add to the transformation opportunity at both a conscious and unconscious level. With weekly Q and A during the live trainings to support each participant with any challenge they are working through, I would highly recommend this comprehensive programme to each of you wanting to take your business and your life to the next level." 


"Anna changed the way I approach my career and my life. And this has opened up so many more opportunities for me! I can’t thank her enough for helping me become the person I was always meant to be before I limited myself." 


"The value and content Anna provides has been invaluable in building my business and my mindset. I’ve been able to set goal and absolutely smash them, even when it meant stepping out of my comfort zone." 


"Your support and advice has been amazing and really helped me to keep pushing my business forwards. This really helped to get me back on track and focused within my business. " 


" I think it would be too big a coincidence that my life has changed in every area since I worked with Anna. Work, home, health, finances, levels of enjoyment, gratitude. It's all connected in a way that I didn't really see before. The feeling when you start working with yourself rather than in spite of yourself is very very liberating. I've got a long way to go but I know I'm on the right path!" 


"This course has given me exactly the kick up the backside I needed to finally push myself and my new venture forward. Confidence boosting content, practical tips, ideas and workbooks so you’re helped every step of the way, are invaluable to keep you focused on you and your business.  I’ve gone from having no confidence to make myself visible, to now getting up on stage as a keynote speaker to tell my future clients all about my new offering. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible before  so thank you Anna!"  



"This course jam packed with Anna's expertise, experience and personality. She really is a business coach who truly cares about your success. If you are after an information and support rich programme that covers all aspects of online business set up, from your mindset to the strategic actions you need to take, then look no further. Anna is a business coach who truly cares about your success. Investing in Anna is highly recommended." 


"The course opened my eyes to the unlimited potential, not only within my business, but within myself. By challenging me to assess aspects of my mindset and existing beliefs, I was able to move out of stagnation and towards action with a renewed sense of clarity, focus and confidence. The course is a roadmap to success for anyone looking to start, build and grow a business." 


  • You're determined to accelerate your business
  • You want to find ways to to fuel your message
  • You're ready to grow and need high level guidance
  • You crave supportive connections and friendships
  • You're building a successful online business
  • You want to raise your expert status
  • You're creating semi-passive income streams
  • You're prepared to put the work in to get results
  • How to increase your visibility
  • How to target your ideal client so they are READY to work with you
  • How to increase your audience and connections
  • How to overhaul your social media activity for MAXIMUM results
  • How to improve your marketing and funnels
  • How to create an effective lead magnet and nurture sequence
  • How to use podcasts as the powerful front end for your business
  • How to establish your kudos as THE go-to expert
  • How to raise your prices significantly
  • How to run powerful challenges and webinars that CONVERT
  • How to Write, Publish and Promote a Solo Bestseller
  • How to generate more HOT leads
  • How to launch effectively - offers, podcasts, books
  • How to connect with industry influencers
  • How to sell with ease and confidence

I'm looking for the perfect people to join me for 12 weeks to get build solid business foundation...and leave you ready to raise your prices.

During these unprecedented times, many businesses are failing WHILST those running online businesses, who know how to attract and nurture an audience flourish. For the right offer, to the right person, people continue to buy...but only if you know how to market yourself and close the sale.

My business is one of those that is flourishing. 

I want to teach you how to do that for your own business.

I want to help you shout from the rooftops about what you do, and build a loyal tribe who are inspired by your message.

I want to help you develop a profitable business that has wide reaching IMPACT.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to stand out and be heard above the rest?


I joined Anna's programme with some trepidation as my business needed to go up a gear and I knew that by making this commitment I'd have to raise my game. Anna has such vast knowledge of the systems and processes I needed and working with her was such a rewarding and productive experience. Anna worked with me to plan a launch of a new part of my business which I've just completed, despite my fears ,and it went better than I could have expected. I  have notebooks full of learning from Anna still to implement and a much clearer focus and drive for the future of my business. I'd highly recommend working with Anna.  

Natalie Silverman

Anna has given me blueprints for sales funnels, lead magnets, email sequences, 5-day challenges, webinars ... she has instilled in me the self-belief to get my services out in the world. Before working with Anna,  I had no clue about how I could get my services out there. Yes, I had worked with other people to try and hone my offering but then stalled not knowing HOW to do the next steps. I now know how to and am about to set up my first challenge, leading up to my first 6-week paid course. Anna has helped me to know the how. If I hadn't come to the mastermind I honesty believe I would have continued to be stuck not knowing what to do next. Everybody looking to launch online needs to take advantage of Anna's superb knowledge and willingness to help.  

Bron Webster

Anna is truly inspirational.  She has a GENUINE passion to help others to succeed. She leads by example and doesn’t just ‘walk the walk’ – she ‘sprints the sprint’. I cannot recommend working with Anna highly enough. Anna has taken a personal interest in our individual businesses and has been there to support each one of us. She is always true to her word, meaning if she says she will do something, she does it.  Anna provides invaluable teaching which provides a clear roadmap to success if you are willing to put the work in.

Laura Draper

Anna has provided a level of support and value over and above what I expected. 
One thing that became clear to me was the importance of mindset and clarity
 in helping move to action.  The mastermind helped on both these fronts. Without this I wouldn't have been able to launch my podcast as I did. Thank you Anna for all you gave over the last 6 months. 

Lyn Mann

I had no idea how to strategically market my business. I was floating aimlessly with no direction. I had no clue how to be really visible, what a sales funnel was let alone how to create one! I was thinking small and had no realisation of my true potential, my value to my clients or the possibilities I could create for myself. I have learnt so much in a short space of time. How to create purposeful content, how to create opportunities, how to be strategic, how to think big!  Within a couple of months of I had a client paying me a substantial fee that I would not have imagined possible.

Becoming more visible has allowed my business to grow purposefully, allowed me to focus on what I really want to do as well as give me the tools to implement this into my marketing plan. 
If you want to move your business onto the next level, Anna's work is excellent!

Nicole Posner

Anna really helped me reframe the way I view the potential of my skills. I was at a stage in my career where I felt I’d plateaued and didn’t know how to grow it any further within the confines of the industry I was familiar with. Her sessions enabled me to find and collate my audience, increase visibility and develop new ideas. I’ve gone from strength to strength and feel the work she did with me was invaluable. I left buzzing with ideas and have been growing ever since. 

Nicola Redman

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I have invested over £80k during the past 2 years to gain the knowledge I now have, and I am holding nothing back in the trainings. This really is a step by step guide to being seen, heard and remembered. It is intended that this will become my £5k Signature Programme within the next 12 months. I hope you'll decide to come with me on this step of the journey. 

Much love